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More Informaiton One-On-One & Small Group Private Lessons

Double Stixx Lacrosse is pleased to announce we now offer individual One-On-One and Small Group Private Lessons. Together, we will customize your time to meet the needs of you and your lacrosse game.


  • Stick work
  • Shooting techniques
  • Change of direction dodges
  • Time and space shooting
  • Wall ball stick work
  • Hitch and go shooting
  • Dodging
  • Shooting on the run
  • Inside shooting
  • Stick protection
  • Inside fakes
  • Dodging from all angles
  • Feeding with pressure
  • Pick and Rolls
  • Off ball play
  • Positioning shooting in working areas


  • Stick work
  • Low cradles
  • Fist pumps for GB's
  • Breakouts off cage
  • Defending GLE
  • Through X drill
  • Slip and lead pokes
  • Ride the back drill
  • Running back drill
  • Groundballs to up-field passing
  • Body position
  • Footwork
  • Throwing take away checks
  • Working the gloves
  • Slide packages


  • Communication
  • Angle Play
  • Playing the arc
  • Ready position
  • Stick maintenance
  • Footwork
  • Stick skills
  • Passing/Clearing
  • Breakouts

 Footwork polymeric, rocket jumps, ladder drills, drop steps. Foot work is the most essential part for a lacrosse player. Whether it is proper foot work and body control when playing defense to foot work and explosion coming out of a dodge for an offensive.

 15-30 MINUTES: Stick Work: Passing, ground balls, catching, and shooting. Again, another basic of lacrosse, whether you are a defensemen or an attackmen you must be able to use your stick. The lacrosse stick is where lacrosse got it is name and now everybody from defensemen to attackmen and even goalies run breaks, take shots, set-up plays, play wings. A good stick can make up for lack of height, speed, quickness.

30-45 DRILLS: Positional drill. Proper stance for defender, cutting. dodging, long passes, stick checks, face-offs, wing play, clearing, and what separates premier player lacrosse from traditional lacrosse camps is learning the tricks of the trade.

45-END: Live action whether group or individual it is important to simulate game situations or create an atmosphere of creativity. Behind the back shot wasn't created because it looked pretty but because it is a necessary shot when an offensive player is losing shooting angle. That can only be discovered when playing lacrosse.